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                Vale, Peter Farley ... Surfer

                       Honouring our friend

                            5.12.1947 - 5.6.2018

Bob Standing
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Peter's legacy lives on in his artwork. For many years, as our resident club artist, he designed the t-shirts and trophies for the Classic, Old Mal Titles and, of course, the magnificent Crescent Head Surf Rally trophies. All are testament to his talents.  Brother, you'll be sorely missed.

Bob Standing

Well, well, well, this months member profile is one of our club's bedrocks, Mr  Bob Standing. Our recently retired treasurer has kept our club on an even keel and running efficiently for many, many years, enabling us to become one of the truly great longboard clubs in Australia. Thanks Bob for all you've done, and continue to do so, for our club and its members. Mate, your truly appreciated.


Check out his pic from 1969, same hairstyle and same flathead (for head standing) as he's got today. Well, the head could be flatter now but there ya go.



Bob, when did you start surfing?

I first started surfing when i was 7 years old at Freshwater Beach some 63 years ago.

My first board was a 16ft toothpick, the only boards available at that time. Surfing was just starting to 

evolve and as it did my boards changed to reflect the change in styles. I guess one could say that I grew up with the history and evolution of surfing.


Who is the biggest influence on your surfing?

The biggest influence would have been Bob Evans showing 35mm movies at various surf clubs of        American and Hawaiian surfers and then trying to copy their moves and style.


Favourite surfer?

I don’t have one favourite surfer as there are many really good ones out there.


What do you want to be known for in the water?

I would hope show that i am easy going, non agro, having fun and show respect for other surfers and   

likewise receive the same in return.


Favourite surf movies?

Bruce Brown movie “Surfing Hollow Days”


Favourite normal movies?

A true classic “The Party” with Peter Sellers.



What boards do you ride?

9ft 6 and 10ft Hollow Wood and or fibreglass Malibu’s


Tell me about your adventures in shaping your first board? Does it go well?

My Dad and I made Boards because we could not afford the 23 to 26 Pounds for new ones. First ones were Hollow Ply then Balsa and later Foam and fibre glass. They worked, although they were not good looking boards.   


Would you like to shape more boards for yourself? Any longboard designs ya wanna try?

No board making for some considerable time as i leave that to the professionals now, however, I have been the local crash test dummy and consulting engineer for a well known local board maker.


What else do you do when your not surfing?

After surfing there is golf, and having the odd social sip and some travelling with surf board to find secret spots.


Favourite waves?

Classic Crescent at 6ft.


What surf spots would you like to surf?

No particular favourites as long as it’s a good shaped wave.


Favourite things you do on a wave?

Doing the occasional head stand


What music do ya like?

The only music that is music the 50’s to 70’s

Favourite food?

Any food. You cook it i will eat it.

What Malibu Club is the best? (Trick question)

Silly question, but it has to be Crescent Head because it is a friendly casual fun club where you can sledge without offending anyone.