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Bordered by, national parks, nature reserves and the Pacific Ocean you’ve found the idyllic seaside community of Crescent Head. Its cobblestone point has been famed for lining up like corduroy since the 1960s when longboarders surfariing northwards found its long glassy walls.  We respectfully acknowledge the Dunghutti People  as  the  traditional  custodians of the Crescent Head region and welcome  them, competitors, families, friends, kids, locals, mates, media, spectators, & visitors to the annual running of the Crescent Head Malibu  Classic.

"The Crescent Head Malibu Classic grew out of an interclub comp back in 1989 between Loggerheads, Mal de Mer, and us. It’s always been about camaraderie; with getting a T-shirt or winning a trophy as a bonus."  Bob "Kenno" Kennerson.


We’re   grateful to our sponsors, contributors, and service providers for making this event possible. Proceeds of this event go towards supporting local community groups. 

2024 Committee:

Patron - Bob "Kenno" Kennerson

President  - Roger "Fergo" Fergusson

Vice President - Andrew Caddey

Public Officer - Andrew Caddey

Secretary / Treasurer  Carolynne Mason

Ass Treasurer - Bob Standing

Gear Steward - Louise Jorgensen Kris Puckeridge

Contest Director - Lance Jagoe

Committee - Andrew Caddey, Lance Jagoe, Kris Puckeridge, Bill Sorrell

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